2016 Annual Grief and Loss Seminar

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2016 Annual Grief and Loss Seminar

The Elephant in the Room

When: Saturday 18 June 2016
Where: Grace College – Walcott Street, University of Queensland, ST LUCIA
Cost: Members: Singles $15 Couples $25 Non-members: $30 – includes morning tea and buffet lunch
Time: 9.15am – 2.30pm

Bookings with payment essential for catering purposes.

Please RSVP as soon as possible and definitely by Friday 10 June to the Drop in Centre – Telephone 3254 2657 (Mon, Tue, Fri), Email: info@compassionatefriendsqld.org.au


8.45 am – 9.15am Registration

9:15 — 9:30 am Welcome and Housekeeping — Heather Smith, (Qld President)

9.30 — 11.00am Guest Speaker ~ Doris Zagdanski

Doris Zagdanski

Doris is a bereaved parent and has worked in the Funeral industry for over 30 years and is currently employed as a General Manager for InvoCare Ltd, Australia’s largest funeral directing group. She is the Convenor of their website mygriefassist.com which is dedicated to contemporary information an all things grief.

Doris wrote her first book on teenagers and grief in 1990 and has since created an identity as a well known author, educator and trainer in the field of grief awareness. With 7 books now published in her name, she is sought after as a keynote speaker and regular educator for health professionals, schools, churches and community organisations. During her presentation Doris will provide some insight into why the ‘elephant in the room’ exists and how we can try to respond and manage relationships when people don’t know how to communicate with us.

11:00 — 11:30 am Morning Tea

11:30 — 1:00 pm Workshops

Courage – facilitated by Karen Lang

Karen’s tragic, but uplifting story about her experiences living with grief, will connect us to her feelings of loss, and help us to understand that we are not alone in our pain. Her workshop will include the practices that have helped her move through her grief and how we can incorporate these into our daily lives. We will be given insight into the wisdom she has learned and the practices she embraces – to open each door, and to see a way through.

Karen’s 9-year-old son Nathan died in June 2001. She is a counsellor, Reiki practitioner and meditation teacher. Her first book “Courage” has just been published.

Sharing and Caring – facilitated by Lorraine Edgley

This workshop will give you the opportunity to share your story with others who are walking grief’s path. Listen as other parents share how they are coping with the death of their child or talk about your child and how you are coping. You may wish to simply listen. Just by being involved in this discussion group you will be amazed at what you can learn and what others can learn from you.

Lorraine is a bereaved mother of an only child and has been a long term volunteer and until recently, a committee member, Vice President and President of TCF.

Learning to Fall Upwards – Walking in the context of your Life Journey – facilitated by Rob Jones

Many people come seeking help as a last resort. They come looking for the “magic bullet” to fix their life situation. Many take the quick fix and that is all well and good, but there are an increasing number who want to go deeper, especially in the context of their Journey of Life.

This workshop looks at the Journey of Life, its distinctive stages of development and how to therapeutically walk with yourself as you make the transitions on your journey of transformation.
It will be interactive with an open Q and A at the end.

Rob’s 22-year-old son Luke was killed in an Industrial accident in 2010. He shares from his heart the insights gained from his journey and working with hundreds of individuals and families in crisis. Rob is the founder of the Centre for Men Australia and comes from a corporate and community background. He is a mentor to leaders and is passionate about the formation and development of community workers /leaders. Rob is a registered formation director, clinical counsellor and supervisor. He is a formation director with Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) and runs a private counselling practice in Toowong, Brisbane, and directs formation retreats at Dadirri Retreat Centre.

Stillness and Inner Peace – facilitated by Susan Vos

Central to our unique transformative journey after the death of a child, is embracing peace. In this workshop, we will be able to bring all our grief-related challenges and experience the gentle silent healing process of TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) to bring our hearts and minds to a place of peace and tranquility. From this place of peace, positive choices can be made for our pathway forward.

Susan is a healing facilitator, certified TAT practitioner and spiritual companion. Her personal transformation through the death of her 24-year-old son Simon in 2006 opened the door for the birthing of her transformative work and calling to serve in the world. Susan is passionate about what is possible for every human being.

Note: TAT combines light placement of one’s fingers on specific acupressure points on the face and head while putting one’s attention on particular statements. It helps transform negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, anxiety, fear and even traumatic memories. The healing and processing of traumas does not require one to revisit painful events.

1:00 – 2:00 pm Lunch

2:00 -2:30 pm Closing Ceremony