2016 Walk to Remember

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2016 Walk to Remember

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Another beautiful Autumn day shone down on us once again for our annual walk. Heather Smith, TCF President, thanked our special guest Vicki Howard, Councillor for Central Ward, for coming along to support us once again. A poem was read before we all assembled for our walk around the park, once again lead by Bruce the piper, who generously has come along for the last couple of years.

Many members and supporters came along to share their experiences and enjoy each other’s company as we walked around the park twice, then down to the river, where a poem was read before everyone was invited to throw flowers into the river, in remembrance of their beloved children.

As in past years, many families enjoying the park stood by the side of the road and watched as we went by, all helping raise awareness for TCF in the community.
Following this we all enjoyed a sausage sizzle in the park while we mingled with each other, sharing our stories, some quite recent and others many years along.

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