Grief Support For Grandparents

Bereaved grandparents suffer a two-fold loss, comforting their own children as they themselves grieve the death of their grandchild.

Grandparents’ Remembrance

Susan Mackey, TCF, Rutland, VT

We are the grieving grandparents, the shepherds of our children and grandchildren’s lives. Our grief is two-fold and at times we feel powerless to help. We seek to comfort our children in the depths of their grief and yet we need the time and space to face our own broken hearts. We have been robbed of the special tender touch a grandparent shares with a grandchild and we have lost a symbol of our immortality. As we walk by our child’s side, we both give and draw strength. We reach into their hearts to comfort them, and when they reach out to us in their distress, we begin the journey to heal together. We continue to be their guardians. We allow traditions to change to accommodate their loss. We support the new ones which symbolize the small steps on their journey. It is in their healing that our hearts find comfort.

Support Meetings

For those who have gone through the death of a grandchild, you are always welcome to attend our support meetings, coffee mornings and other events.

Brochure for Bereaved Grandparents

We provide the following brochure for grandparents, free on request to bereaved grandparents,

Grandparents Telephone Contact

We also welcome all grandparents to contact our 24hr National Help Line 1300 064 068, who just want someone who understands to listen.

See our Contact Us page for grandparents phone listener contact details.


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