Our Memorial Wall

Our Memorial Wall is a lasting way for members to honour and pay tribute to the memory of their beloved children, grandchildren and siblings. Members of The Compassionate Friends, Queensland are invited to place their child’s name and photo on the Wall, and if you have a web page for your child, we are happy to link to it.

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Children and Siblings

To view the photos on our Memorial Wall, simply click on an image. Select the Close (X) button to close a photo.

  • Photo of Gregory Alcock

    Gregory Alcock

    29 years

  • Photo of James Baxter

    James Baxter

    24 years

  • Photo of Christina Marian Bingham

    Christina Marian Bingham

    23 years

  • Photo of Andrew Joseph Caltiabano

    Andrew Joseph Caltiabano

    31 years

  • Photo of Cameron Luke Davis

    Cameron Luke Davis

    2.5 years

  • Photo of Michael Ian Downey

    Michael Ian Downey

    12 years

  • Photo of Mark Dale Edgley

    Mark Dale Edgley

    36 years

  • Brendan Hobson - 19 Years

    Brendan Hobson

    19 years

  • Photo of Graham Thomas William Johnson

    Graham Thomas William Johnson

    21 years

  • Photo of Mitchell Grehan

    Mitchell Grehan

    24 years

  • Photo of Joanne (Jo) Victoria Grillmeier-Smith

    Joanne (Jo) Victoria Grillmeier-Smith

    13 years

  • Natalee Hall

    21 years


  • Photo of Joshua Gavin Hall

    Joshua Gavin Hall

    22 years


  • Photo of Louise Ireland

    Louise Ireland

    24 years 11 months

  • Photo of Peter Kennedy

    Peter Kennedy

    22 years

  • Photo of Alison Peta Lazenby

    Alison Peta Lazenby

    18 years


  • Photo of Aaron LeBoutillier

    Aaron LeBoutillier

    2.9 years

  • Photo of Benjamin George Macklin

    Benjamin George Macklin

    2 years 2 months

  • Photo of Joel Henry McGregor

    Joel Henry McGregor

    18 years


  • Photo of Michael John Salkeld Norman

    Michael John Salkeld Norman

    7 years

  • Photo of Craig Neale Pointon

    Craig Neale Pointon

    26 years

  • Photo of Nikita Kaya Pollard

    Nikita Kaya Pollard

    18 months


  • Michael Reading

    Michael Reading

    30 years

    Dr Michael Reading
    Memorial Page

  • Photo of Craig Roger Reed

    Craig Roger Reed

    35 years

  • Photo of Scott Richardson

    Scott Richardson

    20 years

  • Photo of Katie Alexis Roebuck

    Katie Alexis Roebuck

    25 years


  • Photo of Matthew Schilling

    Matthew Schilling

    16 years

  • Photo of Christian Schubert

    Christian Schubert

    21 years

  • Photo of Christopher Shane Searle

    Christopher Shane Searle

    23 years

  • Photo of Richard James Smith

    Richard James Smith

    22 years


  • Photo of Samual Thomas Smith

    Samual Thomas Smith

    13 years


  • Photo of Joseph Stanford

    Joseph Stanford

    13 years 11 months

  • Photo of Joshua Tam

    Joshua Tam

    22 years


  • Photo of Jayden Luke Thomson

    Jayden Luke Thomson

    9 weeks 4 days


  • Photo of Alex Turnbull

    Alex Turnbull

    23 years

  • Photo of Mark Andrew Van Raalte

    Mark Andrew Van Raalte

    18 years


  • Photo of Tanya Van Raalte

    Tanya Van Raalte

    35 years

  • Photo of Jay (Jayden) Alexander Vayro

    Jay (Jayden) Alexander Vayro

    12 years

  • Photo of Charles Eric Watson

    Charles Eric Watson

    25 years

  • Photo of Michael Whitney

    Michael Whitney

    46 years

  • Photo of Blair Williams

    Blair Williams

    21 years

  • Photo of Tiana Williams

    Tiana Williams

    17 years

  • Photo of Matthew Jon Willis

    Matthew Jon Willis

    17 years

  • Photo of Daniel Wyatt

    Daniel Wyatt

    28 years

  • Photo of Brendan Robert Wyborn

    Brendan Robert Wyborn

    11 years


To add your child/grandchild/sibling to the wall, you will need to supply the appropriate details and a digital/scanned photo. If you need to have a photo scanned, arrangements can be made at the Drop in Centre. If you wish to update your child’s details or photo at any time, please provide us with the required changes/new photo.