The Compassionate Friends Queensland publishes a regular magazine Helping Us Grieve and Grow (HUGG).  HUGG has informative articles, original writings and personal stories from fellow bereaved parents and siblings. Our stories are shared that they may provide hope, support and comfort to others experiencing the death of a child. It also provides times and locations of meetings, upcoming events, memorial/birthday notices for our beloved children, and an up-to-date list of all our support phone numbers.

The magazine is available either in printed or digital format and is provided at no charge to bereaved families for the first twelve months. After that, families will be asked to pay our annual membership subscription to continue receiving the magazine.

How To Contribute

Contributions from members are always welcome, this is your magazine.  If you have some poetry, a story, a favourite article, a memorial, or any other piece related to losing a child, sibling or grandchild, we encourage you to send them in.  Sharing your thoughts and feelings can be an important help to you and others in their grief. We look forward to hearing from you at

Important: Please ensure that all articles, poems, quotes you wish published have the author’s name included – or say ‘author unknown’ if you are not sure. Any submissions to the magazine are reproduced in good faith and do not intentionally contravene copyright laws.

How To Subscribe

Please contact our Office or fill out a membership form if you wish to become a member and receive the full edition of the magazine with additional content and news, as well as the option to submit memorial/birthday notices for your child.

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