Library & Reading

Library Resources and Services

We have a substantial library of resources at our Brisbane Centre, offering excellent books, magazines, cds, etc on grief issues associated with the death of a child/children and siblings. All library resources are available for loan by our members. Access to the library is available at support meetings or by visiting the Centre. We will post library resources to any of our members who are unable to come to the Centre in Brisbane. In return, we need our members to be vigilant and post these items back so other TCFQ members are able to avail themselves of this useful service.

TCFQ have a 6 week limit on the loan of items. If you need them for longer and wish to extend, we are only to happy to do this. Please contact the Centre office, either by post/phone or email, if you would like to make use of the resources available.

We also gratefully accept books to be added our library collection. Please contact the Centre if you would like to donate a book to share with other families…in memory of a loved one…

Suggested Reading List

There are a great number of books and booklets about loss and grief and a suggested reading list is provided below. These books and many more are available for loan to current members. Some suggested reading titles are:

  • The Grief of Our Children. Dianne McKissock
  • Coping With Grief. Mal McKissock and Dianne McKissock
  • Am I Still a Sister. Alicia M. Simms
  • Children Are Not Paper Dolls. Erin Linn Levy
  • Comforting Those That Grieve. Doug Manning
  • Don’t Take My Grief Away From Me. Doug Manning
  • For Those That Live. Kathy La Tour
  • Healing A Father’s Grief. Bill Shatz
  • Healing Grief. Amy Hillyard
  • Helping Ourselves TCF. Audrey England
  • Meditations For Bereaved Parents. Judy Osgood
  • My Son, My Son. Iris Bolton with Mitchell
  • No Time For Goodbyes. Janice Harris Lord
  • Parting is Not Goodbye. Kelly Osmont & Marilyn McFarlane
  • Stillbirth & Newborn Death. Dr Peter Barr & Deborah De Wilde
  • The Bereaved Parent. Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
  • The Grief of Parents…When a Child Dies. Margaret S. Miles
  • Understanding Mourning. Dr Glen W. Davidson
  • When a Baby Dies. Martha Jo Church, Helene Chazin, Faith Ewald
  • When Going to Pieces Holds You Together. William Miller
  • When Your Grieving. Father Gerard Dowling
  • Winning Life’s Toughest Battles. Dr Julius Segal