2020 Annual Grief and Loss Online Webinar

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2020 Annual Grief and Loss Online Webinar

This year due to the restrictions in place for the Coronavirus we are conducting two Webinars for our Annual Grief and Loss Seminar.

The webinar will take place online using Zoom videoconferencing. Once you book you will receive an email link and instructions prior to the event.

The webinars are independent so you can book for one or the other or join us for both.

The cost is $5.50 per Webinar day for Members, or $15.50 for non-Members

Day 1 – Saturday 20th June 2020

Morning Session 10:00-11:30am

Healing in Grief

Hosted by
Monique Broadbent &
Kelly Playford

Grief lurks, it can be scary, and it hurts… often an internal void is felt. In the midst of our pain it can be difficult to find moments of healing, especially when healing is often misunderstood as having to leave our lost loved one in the past. The deepest healing comes when we find ways to include our lost loved ones in paving our pathways through healing. Join us on this interactive webinar in exploring and reflecting on healing within the bereavement journey.  

This Healing in Grief workshop gently explores: 

•             Reflections on healing from across cultures
•             Building a legacy through post-traumatic growth 
•             Meaningful self-care strategies 

Monique and Kelly run the service StandBy – Support After Suicide across Brisbane and surrounds, and are passionate about walking alongside people on their grief path. Kelly comes from a social work and creative arts counselling framework and Monique has a background in psychology and counselling. The two of them collaborate closely on supporting bereaved individuals, families and communities. 

Monique talks about the Webinar

Afternoon Session 1:00-2:30pm

Caring for Your Heart through Mindfulness

Hosted by
Tripty Hirani 

When we lose a loved one, our heart takes a huge beating. Often, there is a gaping hole and we feel lost. A part of us dies with our loved one and the emptiness is too much. And then in the midst of all this lie our emotions and thoughts! We all have our unique ways of coping with our loss. How do we learn to love ourselves and to let go, how do we learn to rest in the space of suffering and discomfort, how do we find ourselves and reconnect with our heart? Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention in the present moment, without judgement. Allowing what is in our minds and bodies to unfold with loving kindness and compassion. This experiential workshop will introduce you to a Mindfulness Awareness Sitting practice (aka Insight Meditation), through which you can learn to begin to allow yourself to rest in all that unfolds, including grief and joy, using self compassion. You can’t stop the waves of grief that arise, but you can learn to surf on them! 

“Cultivating equanimity is a work in progress. We aspire to spend our lives training in the loving kindness and courage that it takes to receive whatever appears – sickness, health, poverty, wealth, sorrow, and joy. We welcome and get to know them all.”  Pema Chödron 

Dr Tripty Hirani has been practicing meditation for over twenty years and has found it very useful in training the mind to be present and still and aware. Formerly, a research scientist in the area of Biochemistry, Dr Hirani retrained in Holistic Counselling and has run a private practice. She is also a Reiki practitioner. Dr. Hirani is passionate about creating mindfulness in our daily lives and especially in stressful situations. She has taught Mindfulness practices to adults and children through Kenmore Community Education. She is a mentor with Raise Foundation working to support high school students. 

Day 2 – Saturday 27th June 2020

Morning Session 10:00-11:30am

Nurturing the Tree: Strengthening Families after Loss

Hosted by
Michael Ellwood

Following a loss, why do some family relationships strengthen while others are challenged? The experience of loss is unique to all of us, as are the coping strategies we use. In this workshop, Michael will explore the ways in which the loss of a child may impact upon families, including using examples from his clinical practice. 

Participants are encouraged to share what they have found helpful in strengthening their family relationships. We will then explore ideas to support the strengthening of families after loss, including practical strategies and tools. 

Michael is a private practitioner with 16 years’ experience working in the area of couple and family relationships. His background has included couple and family therapy, work with separated couples and children, grief and loss and crisis support. He has a background in social work and holds a Masters of Counselling, and has been teaching and supervising within the University of Queensland’s Masters of Counselling program for the past 13 years. 

Afternoon Session 1:00-2:30pm

After the casseroles are gone: What then?

Hosted by
Marie-Clare De Vere 

The death of a child throws you into a deep chasm, where you are often left to crawl out alone. After everyone has gone back to their lives, families and work, what then? How do you find your way through this fog of painful grief, sometimes even years later?

Marie-Clare will help you reclaim your life, for yourself and your loved ones, and foster in you, the value of having a worthwhile life during, and after intense grief, while still always carrying the love of your child in your heart and soul.

Marie-Clare’s career has been predominately in health, where she completed her general nursing training, midwifery, child health and paediatric training around Australia. This gave Marie-Clare a deep insight into the death of children, and the grief of parents, siblings, grandparents, families and friends, long before her own bereavement.

Two years after Marie-Clare’s son, Ian, died in 1992, aged 17 years, and her stepson, Dylan, died in 1994, aged 19 years, Marie-Clare joined TCFQ as a phone support person, and face-to-face contact support. Marie-Clare is still a phone support person for bereaved parents, siblings, and now grandparents, after the SIDS death of her two-month old granddaughter, Cassidy in 2009. Marie-Clare decided to complete the Diploma of Professional Counselling, majoring in grief and loss, giving her more skills, to be supportive to those in need. She will also explore, with you, the healing benefits of music.

From her own experience, and from the insight of other bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents, Marie-Clare will join with you in helping you pave your own path for now, and the future, while always remembering your loved one/s.