2016 Candlelight Remembrance Service

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2016 Candlelight Remembrance Service

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On Sunday December 11 we held our annual Candle lighting service in memory of all our children gone too soon. It was a beautiful evening full of love, smiles and tears, as we remembered and honoured our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and grandchildren. We remembered them with love, for their love lives on in us.

The service was MC’d by Reverend Murray Fish. People read poems, listened to songs, and watched a slideshow of some of the children represented.

At 7pm we lit the International Candle which is a worldwide event and brings a wave of continuous light around the world for all our children.

After the service everyone had time to mingle with others as we all enjoyed supper in the courtyard adjoining the church. It was a time to talk about our children, to share our stories, and just to feel the comfort of being with those who know how we feel.

During supper the committee also recognised Lorraine Edgley, TCF member and volunteer for almost 20 years. Lorraine was also a past President, and has given many hours of volunteer service to help others after the loss of her only child Mark. Thank you Lorraine, you have helped and encouraged many people travelling this journey.

We had a number of door prizes and raffles during supper which brought a semblance of normality to what was an emotional night. Thank you for everyone who bought raffle tickets either before the night, or on the actual night and thank you also to the sponsors for their generous donations. Winners of regional prizes will have their prize sent out to them.

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