2010 Annual Grief & Loss Seminar

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2010 Annual Grief & Loss Seminar

This annual seminar was held on the 19th of June, 2010 at the University of Queensland.

Title: “Climbing Mountains”

Guest Speaker: Liz Crowe

Liz gave some strategies to cope with climbing the mountain of grief that occurs after the death of your child/children. At first you stand at the bottom and look up at the mountain and are completely overwhelmed at the size of it and may think you will never make it to the top. You take the first step and then another and at some point find that you are some way up the mountain but then you fall, not all the way, but part of the way and you have to take those steps again but with the help of others, slowly you will reach the top, but not without the occasional fall.

Comments from people who attended this year’s Seminar.

I found the Annual Grief and Loss Seminar well worth attending. Liz Crowe’s presentation was both informative and sensitive. I could identify with much of what was said, especially the fluidity of grief and the search for meaning after loss. – Gillian Bradshaw

What a wonderful and vibrant speaker Liz Crowe was. She captivated the audience for the full two and a half hours. She is a bereaved sibling and has a wealth of experience in counselling bereaved parents. We all came away from the presentation a much wiser and informed audience. Liz made us all realise that everyone has their own unique way of coping with their grief, no matter how odd it may seem to some people. If you were not at the seminar you certainly missed out on a unique and eclectic presentation.It was wonderful and refreshing to have some humour incorporated into it. – Vera Caltiabano

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