Wide Bay Region Meet & Greet March 2011

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Wide Bay Region Meet & Greet March 2011

Vera Caltiabano, President, TCF Qld and Marion, TCF member, first travelled to Nambour where they met Cassandra Dunphy and Helen Thomas from the Nambour TCF group. Fruitful discussions were held with suggestions on how they would like to be supported by the office in Brisbane.

In Gympie they met with Marie Clare DeVere and Deidre Myers. Both ladies had very good ideas and suggestions for Vera and Marion to follow up on, with regards to advertising. They also met with Karen, one of the telephone contacts in Hervey Bay.

Childers saw them catching up with Kathy Styles, facilitator of the Childers group. Then it was on to Bundaberg where they met with Peter Richardson, their telephone contact. Some brochures were given to him and he said he planned to attend the Seminar in Brisbane, in June.

After Bundaberg, the next stop was Kingaroy, where they met with Shane Bell, the telephone contact person there. They had discussions on our current brochures and other TCF promotional material.

Vera’s conclusion at the end of this trip was that it was invaluable time spent with the co-ordinators and telephone listeners, to listen to their ideas and also provides an opportunity for them to hear what has been happening in the office.

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