To all our Mothers….

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To all our Mothers….

Our caring thoughts are with you all for Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day can be an especially difficult day for bereaved Mums (and their families) because, on the one hand there are the efforts to acknowledge the happiness and celebration of it, but on the other there is the heartache and sorrow of being without one or more of our children.

Those of you who have had your only child die—we feel so deeply for you, and to those mothers who are approaching your first Mothers’ Day since the death of your child, we extend our heartfelt care and concern.

Please endeavour to treat yourselves gently on the day, don’t expect too much of yourselves, and do for the day what is right for you.

Your TCF ‘family’ is with you in thought and spirit—and remember, we are only a phone call away should any of you have the need to speak with other mothers who have walked this journey as well.