Thank you to Mackay facilitator

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Thank you to Mackay facilitator

Ann Lavis our facilitator from our Mackay Chapter has decided that she is in need of some well earned rest and has resigned from her position of Group Facilitator. She will still be involved with the group and help out wherever she can.

The first support meeting was held in Mackay on the 14th October 2006 with our Townsville facilitators Nikki and Ruth supporting Ann and Kerry Watkin for this first support meeting. The Mackay support meetings grew in numbers over the years and to this day remains one of our strongest groups in Qld.

Ann has not only supported other bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings in a caring and compassionate way, she has sent out a small and informative monthly news flyer, been a telephone contact and support person, organised several different events and fundraised a sizeable amount of money for our organisation.

Ann has become a dear friend to many and an inspiration to others that there is a way back from the dark days after the tragic loss of a child. Ann has had support from Kerry and Eileen Azzopardi (who will be taking on the role of Group Facilitator for Mackay) and others along the way but Ann’s passion to help others has been her driving force.

We also need to mention Ann’s husband Eddie and daughter Christine and thank them for supporting Ann all this time. As those who have been a contact or a facilitator with TCF understand how you cannot do this without the support of your family. We won’t say we are going to miss you Ann as we know we will be seeing you around often, so once again thank you Ann for all that you have done and we know that you have done this as a dedication of love for your dear son –

MATTHEW EDWARD LAVIS 10.6.81 ~ 16.8.2003