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Committee Members

  • President:

    Trish Schafer
    Bereaved mother of Eric
    Bereaved mother of Maree
    TCFQ member since 2018

  • Vice President:

    Peter Hobson
    Bereaved father of Brendan
    TCFQ member since 2016

  • Secretary:

    Marie-Clare De Vere
    Bereaved mother of Ian
    Bereaved grandparent of Cassidy Louise
    TCFQ member since 1998

  • Treasurer:

    Lisa Boccalatte
    Associate Member (Professional)
    TCFQ member since 2019

General Committee Members

  • General member 1

    Tony Vayro
    Bereaved father of Jayden (Jay)
    TCFQ member since 2010

  • General member 2

    David Murray
    Bereaved father of Ewan
    TCFQ member since 2019


Queensland Co-ordinator
and Assistant Newsletter Editor

  • Kristie McGrath

Website Manager/s

Peter Hobson
Kristie McGrath

Our sincere thanks to all for their willingness to give their time and themselves to guide our organisation over the next year.