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Committee Members

  • President:

    Trish Schafer
    Bereaved mother of Eric
    Bereaved mother of Maree
    TCFQ member since 2018

  • Vice President:

    Peter Hobson
    Bereaved father of Brendan
    TCFQ member since 2016

  • Secretary:

    Marie-Clare De Vere
    Bereaved mother of Ian
    Bereaved grandparent of Cassidy Louise
    TCFQ member since 1998

  • Treasurer:

    Lisa Boccalatte
    Associate Member (Professional)
    TCFQ member since 2019

General Committee Members

  • General member 1

    Tony Vayro
    Bereaved father of Jayden (Jay)
    TCFQ member since 2010

  • General member 2

    David Murray
    Bereaved father of Ewan
    TCFQ member since 2019


  • Queensland Co-ordinator


  • Magazine Editor

    Erin Hobson
    Bereaved mother of Brendan
    TCFQ member since 2016

Our sincere thanks to all for their willingness to give their time and themselves to guide our organisation over the next year.

Annual General Meeting

The latest annual general meeting minutes can be read at 2019 AGM Minutes