As part of the efforts to widen community understanding of bereavement and grief, The Compassionate Friends Qld have launched a Podcast—True Grief.   This will present a series of honest conversations on losing a child, sibling or grandchild.

You can listen and subscribe at https://anchor.fm/tcfqld-true-grief

What’s a Podcast ?

A podcast is an audio programme, just like talk radio, but you can subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen whenever you like.  You can also listen on your desktop computer or tablet.

The most convenient way to listen to a podcast is through an app installed on your smartphone—most come with these already installed.

If you have an iPhone you have it easy, as they come with a podcast app built in called Apple Podcasts.  Android users also have their own podcasting app built in – Google Podcasts.  If these don’t suit there are lots of other options that you can download from your phones App store.