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The Compassionate Friends Queensland was formed by bereaved parents who recognised that their feelings of confusion and isolation were common to all parents who have lost a child. They felt a need to connect with others who have been through a similar experience to their own.  Share your loss below in our blog with members and other visitors by clicking here now.  You can read about other members and visitors loss below and reply to them in the comments sections.

The Compassionate Friends aims to provide ongoing support to parents and families who have experienced the death of a child. Our members, all of whom are bereaved parents, grandparents or siblings, offer the time to listen, understand and share their grief, experiences and feelings in a safe place, and offer HOPE for the future. Our members have ‘all been there done that’. We also have the support of many professional people involved in this area of loss and grief. We will understand and walk the long road with you. You can make your own entry here.