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I am not too sure if many of the members of this club (the one NOBODY ever wishes to join) for The Lockyer area know that there are a few of us members who get together once a month.

We go out for a meal, taking it in turns between Laidley and Gatton on the 1st Wednesday night of each month. AND, NO, we don’t always talk about our babies.

BUT! We all know that we can and without anyone else changing the subject.

It is good to be with other mothers who have/are going through the same feelings and know just where we are coming from.

Yes it is only the mothers who do go out together, and that is because men are men and don’t do things like that. But fathers are welcome if they so wish.

If there is a time anyone wishes to talk about their Angels we are always ready to listen.

So if any member wishes to enjoy a night out with the girls they are most welcome to join us.

They can contact me Robyn on 5465 6574, if I am not home my answering machine is always on and I will get back to them ASAP.

Thank you, Robyn Buiter