2019 Walk To Remember Memories

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2019 Walk To Remember Memories

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Our sixth Walk to Remember was held in beautiful New Farm Park on Sunday 29th April from 10am. We were blessed with a beautiful warm sunny autumn day. This event seems to be growing in numbers each year and this year was no exception with well over 100 people attending this day of remembrance for our Children, Grandchildren, Siblings and Friends. It was particularly great to see so many young people there celebrating the lives of their much loved friends. The march was led by a piper, as usual, and attracted much interest. The flower throwing ceremony was very emotional for many of us and many tears were shed. In saying that we all knew we were among friends who understood and cared.

It was great to have Grace Grace and Vicki Howard along as our special guests and we really appreciate them giving their time. The feedback we got from new attendees was that it was an emotional but lovely way to remember our children, grandchildren and siblings.
By Vera Caltabiano, Mother of Andrew

This is our third walk, since we lost our youngest and very dear son and sibling Brendan. It was the best of times it was the worst of times on a beautiful sunny warm day….here we all were. Coming together honouring our children, honouring our siblings whether they were young siblings or adult siblings that were torn away from us.

We would never miss the walk. It is something to look forward to in keeping our son, our brother your son your daughter, your sibling alive through our memories, our deep love and bond to them. For those parents or siblings who could not be there, who are away, or have moved we know your child/children or sibling are in your thoughts always…

The Annual walk honours our feelings and love for our loved children and siblings…honouring our beautiful ones and thinking about them.  Love does not end with them no longer here.  Love for them continues, we carry them forward with us.   Remembering them from before they left here and remember what they brought us.  This year TCF introduced face painting for the sweet children and also for the adult children and the weary parents…dedicated to our loved ones gone to soon…it gave us all a little bit of fun…while our siblings and children in spirit were watching on.
In Loving Memory of Brendan Hobson, by the Hobson Family

Being my first experience with the TCF Annual Walk I went feeling afraid of how I would react.  During the walk itself I was distressed, but had friends helping me and encouraging me.  I felt so sad when throwing the flowers in the River and just wanted to run away.  Once again I had some wonderful people supporting me on the way back.  It was comforting to be with others who understood, and I then could enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  The Bagpipes and the music played at the River were both beautiful and so very heartbreaking.
In loving memory of Jess Murray, by Rosemaree Murray 

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