Staff & Management Committee Members

At the 2016 Annual General Meeting of The Compassionate Friends Queensland, the following members were elected to the Management Committee for the ensuing twelve months:

Committee Members


Heather Smith
Bereaved parent of Richard
TCF member since 2009

Vice President:

Julie McGregor
Bereaved parent of Joel
TCF member since 2007


Jane Foreman
Bereaved parent of Sam 
TCF member since 2013


Joanne Smeaton
Bereaved sibling
TCF member since 2016

General Committee Members:

Vera Caltabiano

Bereaved parent of Andrew
TCF member since December 2002

Helen Alcock
Bereaved parent of Gregory
TCF member since 2001

Tony Vayro
Bereaved parent of Jayden (Jay) 
TCF member since 2010

Sue Voss
Bereaved parent of Simon
TCF member since 2010


Queensland Co-ordinator
and Assistant Newsletter Editor

Kristie McGrath


Website Manager (voluntary)

Julie McGregor
Bereaved parent of Joel,
TCF member since 2007


Our sincere thanks to all for their willingness to give their time and themselves to guide our organisation over the next year.