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Introducing RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are an easy way to keep up with websites without having to constantly visit them. When News & Events and Newsletters are added to the TCF Qld website, our rss feeds can notify you and provide a link to the new content.

All you need is a feed reader (also known as an "aggregator"). Most current web browsers have feed readers built in. You can also use web-based readers or dedicated software.

How do I start using RSS Feeds?

To get started you need a feed reader. These include:

Web browsers

If you are using a current browser like Internet Explorer 7+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+ or Safari 2+, your browser already has a feed reader built in. All you need to do is click the link to a news feed and your browser will display the feed and/or prompt you to subscribe.


Aggregator websites collect feeds from multiple sources into one single website. It's an easy and convenient way to use feeds, particularly if you use more than one computer. Popular aggregator websites include: Bloglines, NewsGator, iGoogle, Feedly Netvibes, MyYahoo. Many web portals and customisable start pages include user configurable feed modules.

Feed reader software

Stand alone feed reader software programs, such as Feedly, Newz Crawler, Feed Demon, NetNewsWire, Newsfire, Amphe. For more options, see the DMOZ Feed Reader, News on Feeds listings or Wikipedia's RSS Reader entry which links to lists of feed readers.

Email software

Stand alone email programs, such MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird have a RSS feed reader built in. Visit the relevent vendor's website for instructions on how to add feeds.

How do I find feeds and subscribe to them?

News feeds on this website are linked using the industry-standard orange rss icon .

When you see the feed logo in a web page:

Subscribe using browser features

For each page on the website, the most relevant feed is attached using an "autodiscovery" link. What this means is compatible browsers will display the feed logo in their location bar or toolbar. For example, Internet Explorer 7 displays a "Feeds" button:
While Firefox shows the logo in the location bar:
When you see the logo in your browser:

Click the feeds button
Your browser will display the feed and/or prompt you to subscribe to the feed

Each browser and reader is a little different. If in doubt, you should view the help file for your software.

Subscribe manually

Right-click the icon or link
Select "Copy shortcut" or "Copy link location"
Go to your chosen feed reader
Paste the link into your reader's "add feed" process (the exact procedure varies)