Our Newsletters

The Compassionate Friends Queensland Inc. publishes a bi-monthly newsletter made up of informative articles, original writings and personal favourite verses from fellow bereaved parents and siblings. Our stories are shared in the hope that they may provide support and comfort to others experiencing the death of a child. It also provides times and locations of meetings, upcoming events, memorial/birthday notices for our beloved children, and an up-to-date list of all our support phone numbers.

The newsletter is available either in printed or electronic format and is provided at no charge to bereaved families for the first 6 months. After this time, families must take out annual membership subscription to continue receiving the newsletter (to cover printing and postage costs). We will send an invoice for membership and newsletter subscription for the coming 12 months.

Please let us know if any of your details are incorrect. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Centre during office hours by phone, fax, mail or email.

How To Contribute

Editorial contributions from members are always welcome, this is your newsletter.

To contribute to the newsletter please email us your contribution at:


We are delighted to receive stories submitted to the editor for consideration. If you have some poetry, a story, a verse, a favourite article, a memorial, or any other piece related to losing a child, sibling or grandchild, we encourage you to send them in.

Please share them — we know that feelings shared can be an important help to another who is struggling with grief. We look forward to hearing from you.

Note that stories may not necessarily appear in the next issue, depending on space available, but will be included as soon as possible.

Important: Please ensure that all articles/poems/prose you wish published in the newsletter have the author's name included. Any articles, poems, quotes that are stated as 'author unknown' within this newsletter are reproduced in good faith and do not intentionally contravene copyright laws.

We acknowledge with gratitude all contributions to the newsletter.

Newsletter Excerpts

We provide an online version of our newsletter with a small selection of articles/stories from each edition in pdf format. Download from the links below, or to receive the latest editions subscribe to our rss feed.















Please contact our office or fill out a membership application form if you wish to become a member and receive the full edition of the newsletter with additional content and news, as well as the option to submit memorial/birthday notices for your child.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in articles within these newsletters are those of the writers and not necessarily those of either TCF or the Editor. The Editor reserves the right to edit any contribution.

Copyright information. We have tried to appropriately credit all original authors of writings in our newsletters. If something is incorrectly credited or used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please notify us and we will change / remove it. All items used in these newsletters are intended for personal use only, and not intended to be used to make a profit.