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I lost my beautiful 5 year old princess Isabelle on 24/7/14. She battled so hard for 5 years with CHD, epilepsy, vision impairment and CP. May her wings grow as she learns how to fly..keeping a close eye on us, keeping us strong and forever continuing to spread her love and infectious smile. I love you so much my baby
Posted: 13 October, 2014 New message
Brisbane, Queensland
I lost my niece tragically Easter weekend..
It is so hard to go on with life normally :(

Aunty Loves you forever and always baby girl
Posted: 31 January, 2014 New message
Jackie Davis
Mt Coolum, Sunshine Coast
I lost my 34year old Daughter in a fiery car accident a few weeks ago I guess I'm still in shock, but reading some of your own stories has already given me some help....thank-you
I would like to attend a meeting to have one on one talk with any of you on the Sunshine Coast that have also lost their child. I say child even though she was 34, because I now feel she'll be forever my baby. I can't talk with family anymore, so being able to relate to some of you I'll be forever grateful, as I know you will understand how I feel.
Posted: 05 October, 2013 New message
Julie McGregor
Hi Wendy,

Thank you again for sharing. We are not alone as the TCF motto says, and we all do the best we can with this new life of ours.

Yes birthdays and anniversaries are very hard I find especially birthdays, as I will always wonder what Joel would be like and what he would be doing - as I'm sure all bereaved parents do.

If you are on facebook we have a TCF Brisbane page where you could post more comments and photos if you wish.


Hugs, Julie xx
Posted: 29 November, 2012 New message
Wendy Duffy
Hi Julie,

Many thanks for your reply. Even after 18 years the pain has not and will not ever go away, you just become better able to cope and it's easier to put on your "public face" we become excellent actors for the benefit of those who just don't/want to understand because they have never "worn our shoes". Even my dear Mother (now deceased) mentioned that I wasn't the same person, that I had changed, of course 'd changed, I had no choice, my whole world tilted sideways, and nothing would ever be the same.

My daughter is now married with a 9 year-old daughter (Niamh Keara), and she has made certain that though Niamh never saw her Uncle Justin she knows everything about him, she even has a photograph of him on her bedside table, she says he watches over her and keeps her safe, and she's so very like him, not in looks, but her outlook on life.

I still light a candle for Justin every night, it' my way of keeping reasonably normal, others would probably think I'm insane, but I just don't care.

The bereaved Mother you mention is so very right, and the hardest times are Birthdays and Anniversaries, you seem to spiral into a very dark place, my daughter calls these "Bad Justin day".

Hugs back to you and your lovely Joel.
Posted: 29 November, 2012 New message